Save Jaguars, Protect Cattle, and Help Ranchers Through One Simple Action

Project Wildcat was designed to protect the estimated 80 jaguars left in Northern Sonora. This endangered population is the last hope for the species’ reintroduction into the U.S. The main threat to these big cats is being killed, trapped, poisoned, or shot by ranchers and landowners who see these animals as threats to their cattle. Through Project Wildcat, we work with these ranchers and landowners to sign agreements not to kill predators. In exchange, we provide financial compensation if they do lose cattle, vaccines for cattle, and most important—training and resources to help them more effectively manage their cattle and keep them safe from danger.

One rancher we are working with is Fernando, who in the past felt he had no choice but to kill jaguars to protect the 60 cattle that support his family. Not only is Fernando the poorest of the local ranchers, he supports himself, his wife, 5 children, and a number of grandchildren. If Fernando loses one cow, it is a significant blow to his family, let alone the 15 he loses per year (25% of his yearly income) due to his land being ripe with canyons and other areas jaguars like to roam and hunt. With so many mouths to feed, losing a quarter of his yearly wage leaves Fernando in a desperate situation.

Now, with the support of Project Wildcat, Fernando is proud to say he no longer kills jaguars to protect his cattle. We are working closely with him to establish a solar water pump to get his cattle to high ground and away from predators. We are also working with Fernando on synchronized breeding which will keep calfs in the same area and out of harm’s way.


Fernando: “The cattle, they are my livelihood, my work… but I do not kill jaguars anymore.”


This is real, concrete action you can take to help protect these jaguars, their habitat, and people like Fernando and his large family. Click here to save jaguars, protect cattle, and help ranchers through one simple action.